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Get started with ANY SIZE PROJECT

My hands-on approach means you will always be working directly with me, never with a subcontractor. So, if you're ready to get organized and de-clutter, I offer my services and solutions to help you do just that. Even if you only have a small project that needs assistance, I can help. There is a minimum of 4 hours for each project.


what's included:

  • Initial Assessment ($65): We'll talk about the project(s) at hand and determine job requirements

  • Project Estimate

  • Project Schedule

  • Space Planning (includes 2 hours at no extra charge)

  • Transportation to Your Residence/Office
    (no charge for commute time)


Hourly Rates
$65/hour Mon-Fri
$70/hour Sat

Shopping Assistance
$30/hour Mon-Sat

Initial Assessment
$65/ 1 hour assessment

Payment is due at the end of each work session/per day. Cash, Checks and Credit Cards Accepted.



customer reviews


"Working with Gina has been a dream."

She listens and observes your style, provides excellent suggestions and is patient. Patience is important if you have years and years of paper to de-clutter, but want to hold on to memories. She completely understands that organizing has to be tailored to fit the client, not fit the organizer. The biggest accomplishment has been helping me to let go of almost 80 lbs. of paper so far. She has helped me to realize I didn't need it and it was time to move to shred city. I would recommend her unequivocally.

— Renmar

"My space went from where I kept my things, to where I wanted to live."

Gina was a pleasure to work with. I'm not someone with organizational skills, and definitely don't have an eye for detail. This usually makes working with others quite frustrating, but with Gina's hands-on approach and experienced recommendations, it made transforming my space a breeze. She was patient, informative, and knew little ways to make my space more livable without a ton of effort or expense. I would highly recommend her services for any project... big or small.

— S. Burke, Inspector

"Gina Has Been Amazing In Showing Me The Way Around Organization."

She held my hand and guided me the whole way through a very deep and fearful process, while remaining calm and professional.  She is a consistent and conscientious person who supports me I manage my own anxiety.  I strongly recommend her services for anyone who is looking to declutter and organize their space or life.


"Gina is a professional organizer by trade...but what she offers is so much more...she's a project manager, coach, and a creative, strategic planner."  

I hired Gina at a time where I just moved, was starting a new business venture, and felt completely overwhelmed. The truth is, I had no idea where to start. Gina came in and did a full assessment of my needs. I felt supported by her calm demeanor and her sensitivity to my situation allowed me to trust her completely. She methodically made a list of each task to work on with a timeline and structure for each task. She set up my entire home office, as well as getting me the best earthquake prep kit, a project I have wanted to do for 10 years!  I have been looking for someone like Gina.  My home office looks beautiful and I can find anything I need now that I have a system. I can depend on Gina to be an integral part of any process.

-L.W., Senior Specialist & Wellness Coach

"Two Thumbs up for Big Heart Organizing!"

I hired Gina to assist me in getting organized, both personally and for my new business.  She really took the time to understand my needs and provided a great balance of making recommendations while making sure they were in line with what I wanted.  She not only helped me get organized, but also put systems in place so I can keep organized moving forward.  She went above and beyond what I expected, and was a true pleasure to work with.

-Eric M., Local Business Owner

"Let Me Start By Sharing That Gina's Services Were Incredibly Valuable And Appreciated." 

She is professional, friendly and has a unique ability to connect and understand your needs, styles, and address accordingly.  Gina has a calm way of seeing the space and task at the meta-level, then breaking it down into bite size, doable chunks and always delivers better organized space that's more pleasing to the eye, and offers greater peace of mind.  My story and project may be one you identify with.  We had moved into a new place almost a year ago, and still were settling in with disorganized cabinets, boxes and bins still needing sorting, unpacking, and simply to purge!  I left a message and within 24 hours Gina had responded with a clearly detailed explanation of her services.  She explained the process and pricing.  The first visit included an overview of the projects and scope of the work.  Then she wrote up a proposal that detailed the tasks, suggested priorities, sequence and cost.  I decided to work along side Gina and I'm glad I did.  I learned a lot about systems, design thinking, and she made it easier for me to part with things I didn't need.  At the end of 10 hours over two days, we had completely overhauled two storage spaces, organized two other cabinets, and even had offered ideas for rearranging some common areas in the house.  What ever your project, I highly recommend Gina's services.

-O. Massey, Educator

"She loves improving people's experience. It's in her DNA!"

We recently moved into a much smaller apartment than we were used to (for a family of four plus a bunch of pets). Gina was a joy to work with in preparing our new space— proactive, thoughtful, thorough and precise. Her ideas and guidance for storage and organization made for a much improved use of smaller space.  Gina is a master at creating simple elegance while never sacrificing functionality. When she had to purchase things for our new space, she did so with discrimination and cost effectiveness.

— P. Walsh, Heart of Sales Consultant

"No question about it, Big Heart Organizing really delivers..."

After a quick live "Face Time" assessment of the room I needed organized, Gina came to my studio prepared and ready to work. Release forms; something I hadn't even thought of, insured clarity regarding damage liability. The devil is in the details and Gina is absolutely detail oriented. She kept me on task the entire session and when I needed to attend other work, she continued without hesitation. For my particular situation, I really needed someone to get me going and Big Heart Organizing was a HUGE help. I highly recommend Gina. She cultivates peace of mind and is definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty.   

- A. Rossi, Owner / A.R. Audio