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Owner & Principal consultant

I migrated to the Bay Area from Charlotte, North Carolina in 1990, and have been expressing my creativity through art and design since I was quite young. 

My studies further led me in this direction, which also sparked a strong desire to serve others. As my life grew personally and professionally, I've had to learn (through much trial and error) how to construct a sustainable situation for myself, and learn to maintain a higher-functioning, more fulfilling life. 

As a result, I further developed my passion by helping others find more manageability in their work and living spaces through the process of organizing and de-cluttering.  Most significantly, I recognize that different approaches work for different people.  My gentle style enables me to create a very personal and unique approach for each client — with a focus on efficiency. 

I have learned that you can experience life's greatest rewards by realizing that there is beauty in simplicity. When everything has a place, and everything's in its place, there's more time to spend living and enjoying life! I am also very understanding and do not pass any judgment based on the condition of your unorganized/messy areas; I understand where you are coming from.